Google Ad Blocker: How It Works & What Kind Of Ads Are Blocked?

ad blocker by google

Google remains the most used search engine by the users around the world. Google also has paid advertising platform called Google Adwords to help the business people to target the customers on Google when they search on any terms related to their domain or industry. To make the users feel comfortable online Google also provides Adblocker to avoid the annoying ads online.

google adblocker in chrome

Google Vs. Ads:

As an online user, you may get annoyed by the Ads like Auto-play videos or music Ads. Some Ads may cover your entire screen by hiding the content that you are looking for. In Youtube, Some videos may run only after the full video ad has been completed. In this case, users are made to wait for some time to view the actual content what they need. Also in some cases, when you are searching something on Google, many ads will get popped up restricting your from viewing the actual content.

Hence, to make the user experience better on online. Google has decided to block some Ads which is irrelevant to the user. Google has recently joined an industry group mainly focusing on to improve the online Ads, called the coalition for better Ads. This group has devised a set of better Ads standards which Google has integrated into the Chrome browser.

google to block certain ads

Google Chrome Ad Blocker:

Now the Google Chrome Adblocker is into the action. Google will begin blocking the Ads from chrome which have not met the Ad Standards set by Google. This even includes the blocking of Ads which is owned or served by the Google.

Google mainly uses the Google Adblocker mainly to reduce the third party ad blocking applications, also to provide the users with more relevant ads, to encourage the publishers to use less annoying and intrusive ads.

google ad blocker

Google Removes 100 Bad Ads Per Second:

In a recent study, it is found that more than 3.2 billion bad ads were removed by Google in the year 2017. In this majority of Ads were removed which violated the Google Ad policies, these ads were removed even before it was shown to the people. Google has introduced 28 new advertiser policies and 20 new publisher policies to avoid the bad ads.

Google Sets Deadline For HTTP Sites And Warns Publishers To Upgrade Soon For HTTPS

Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers

SSL Certificate is the small data file which digitally binds a cryptographic key to the organization’s details. SSL Certificate when installed on a web server, activates the padlock and then the https protocol and allows secure connection from a web server to the browser.

Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers to Upgrade Soon

Google has started giving preference to the sites with the SSL certificate, this is to make sure that the users have the secure information transfer between the browser and the server. Google has announced that from July 2018, the Chrome will warn the users who are visiting the sites without SSL Certificate, As more than 50% of the users around the world are using the chrome browsers, this update will bring a huge impact on the internet.

How Will Chrome Warn Users of Insecure Pages?

Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers to Upgrade

Google will show a prominent warning in the address bar showing that the website is insecure to browse. This error will be shown to all the HTTP sites to make the users know that the site is not secured. Hence adding the SSL certificate in the website will make them secure on the internet and also in the views of the Google.

Worldwide Impact of Chrome HTTPS Security Warning:

Chrome is used by most of the users around the world, hence this update by Google will bring a huge impact on the internet. The need to update to HTTPS (SSL Certificate) is especially important in regions such as South America, where the usage of chrome is high as 74.04%.

Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS

Is SSL Important for the website?

SSL Certificate is must for the websites, as in the future all the browsers and the search engines will prefer only secured websites to show for users. Hence the websites with the HTTP will not be ranked in the SERP. When it comes to the SEO Perspective, Secured sites tend to rank on top of Google’s SERP than the unsecured websites. Hence to improve the rankings on the SERP and also to gain more traffic to the website SSL implementation is must for the websites. A secured site will act as a good signal to the Google, which will make the site to rank on top of SERP.

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google? A Quick Start Guide

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google --A Quick Start Guide

Google’s search features are evolving day by day. Google has introduced a zeroth result in the search engines results page (SERP) called as featured snippets. This featured snippet provides answers to the user’s simple queries. This has been introduced by Google to ensure that the users find the needed content in the search engine results page itself without clicking on to any of the links on the SERP. Since the usage of mobile devices has been increased among the people, this featured snippet is very handy to the users for the mobile-based searches.

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google - A Quick Start Guide

What Do You Need to Know About Featured Snippets?

Here let’s see some important factors about the featured snippets.

  • Featured snippets are also known as answer boxes.
  • Featured snippets are also referred to as position zero, as it appears above the first search result on SERP.
  • Voice search and the featured snippets are closely linked, as the voice searches fetches answers from the featured snippets.
  • Blogs or posts which are already ranking on the first page of the Google search results are more likely to rank on the featured snippet.

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google Start Guide

What’s the Secret to Getting Featured Snippets?

Based on some research we have identified that if your content, doesn’t have any precise content which answers the user’s queries directly, then the chances of content to appear on the featured snippets is very less.

To make the content to appear in the featured snippet, make sure that your content answers the following questions like,

  • How does…
  • How to do…
  • What is…
  • How to…

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google

Not only this type of content, Update the blogs with step by step content. For example, if any user searches for “how to do SEO”, then if your website has step by step content stating the techniques of SEO, then it is more likely to be ranked on the featured snippet of the SERP.

Thus as a business people, update the blogs on the site with quality content related to your domain or industry. This will increase the visibility of your blog to the users and also will generate more traffic to the business site as well.

New Search Console Features in 2018

google search console

Finally, the New search console beta version has been released by Google in January 2018. Earlier in August 2017, when Google announced this beta version, that has been available only for the limited number of users. Now, the beta version is available for every search console user.

Still, the New Search Console is not yet fully developed, both the search console versions will be available. Users can switch between them in the search console navigation menu.

Where could you find this beta version?

  1. Log into your Google Search Console platform
  2. Once logged in, at the top left (above the dashboard menu) corner of your search console you will find “try the new search console”
  3. By clicking that menu, you can use the beta version of new search console.
  4. To return back to the old version, on the new search console dashboard at the bottom left there is a menu called “go to the old version”.

Using the beta Version:

With this new version of search console, you can compare and analyze the search results from 3 months to 16 months. That is the new search console mainly focus on enhancement of search that has 16 months of data. As it is the more requested feature from Website owners, they would be happy to know about this beta version. Thus, the new search console is completely rebuilt and that helps site owners to identify and fix any pending issues immediately.

The beta version dashboard shows the key metrics such as performance, index coverings, and enhancement. As the beta version is in progress, the data filter range may change. Also, more features can be expected in near feature.

What To Watch For In 2018? Mobile SEO predictions

mobile seo predictions 2018

As the usage of mobile devices and the internet has been increased among the people, Google has planned to focus the search results on the mobile devices. Creating the mobile-friendly website for your business will help you get more leads for your business. Here let’s see some future updates that Google is going to roll out for 2018.

Mobile SEO Predictions For 2018:

A shift towards PWAs from Native Apps:

PWA’s are the progressive web apps which looks like normal web pages or websites but appear like native apps. These web apps are safe, secure and also compatible with all web browsers. These web apps open the web content in full screen without the address bar. Also, Android OS has started showing them on the Google play store as well. Hence nowadays developers have started to move the content from native apps to PWA’s.

Mobile SEO predictions What To Watch For In 2018

2018 – Year Of Voice Search:

Google’s voice search is going to hit the searches in 2018. People looking for any products or even any restaurants while traveling have started to do a voice search through phone instead of searching manually. This will further be increased in the upcoming days. Google has also focused to provide relevant results for the voice searches by analyzing them well. Google is widely working on the voice search algorithm to provide better results in the future.

Mobile SEO predictions in 2018

Is It Mobile Friendly?

Are your web pages are fast enough to load on the mobile devices? if not then it is difficult to hit the top of the SERP. Make the websites mobile responsive, because Google has started to look for the mobile speed as an important ranking factor. This will be further improved in 2018 to make the web pages to load faster on Mobile devices.

Mobile First Index:

What To Watch For In 2018 Mobile SEO predictions

Google has planned to roll out the mobile first index update on the mid of this year. Normally the websites will be indexed first for the desktop-based searches, but Google has planned to roll out an update for mobile devices in the upcoming days.

Instagram Releases Text Based Stories

instagram latest update

Instagram is used by more than 300 million users. User engagement on Instagram is becoming more viral and there are lots of updates on Instagram stories. All the updates on Instagram are to give a friendly and cost-effective environment to both users and businesses. As Instagram is working on more updates on Stories, now there is a new feature update called text-only stories.

Earlier, Users only post their photos or videos by adding few caption in Instagram stories. Also, the only option is to add photos or videos. Now, users can publish stories without adding any photos or videos. Here the Instagram Text-based type mode allows users to choose a variety of text type and backgrounds.

instagram latest update

How to access Text Based Stories?

  1. Click on the Camera present at the top of the Instagram App.
  2. On the camera mode, under the record button there are more options such as Live, Normal, Type, Boomerang, Superzoom, rewind and handsfree. To use type mode select Type option.
  3. Once type mode is selected, users can simply write their text.

How to Select the Style Type in Text Mode?

  1. After choosing your type mode option, at the top of the screen different text styles available.
  2. Text styles include Typewriter, Strong, Modern, Neon. By tapping on the style button, one can choose the text style.
  3. Once the text is ready, near the publish button, there is background colour change option, one can choose the background colour.

Once all the above are done, you are now ready to post your story. Also, this new text styles can be incorporated when text is added to publishing photos or videos.

To use this update, you should update to the recent version of Instagram from your device app store.

How Nofollow Links Can Help Your Search Rankings?

Links are the main thing to work with when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The site with the proper internal links, external links and backlinks can be easily made to rank on top of SERP. In the concept of backlinking, equal importance should be given to both No follow links and the do follow links.

Follow vs. Nofollow Links: What’s the Difference?

Search Engines by default will follow(crawl) every link that it finds on the web unless you restrict some links from being crawled. You can tell search engines not to follow a certain link by using the nofollow attribute.

How Nofollow Links Can Help You

When to Nofollow links?

If you wish to put some paid links on your site, make sure to put them as no follow links. Google advises making all the paid links to the no follow links. You should always nofollow links that are featured in paid reviews of products or services. Then all the affiliate links should be no followed by default. Links from widgets and images, links from untrustworthy sites, guest post links should be made as No-follow Links.

Why Nofollow Links Matter?

Google confirms that it doesn’t transfer PageRank or anchor text across links with a nofollow attribute. Despite this, every link on Wikipedia is a nofollow link by default. But the backlinks from the Wikipedia can make miracles for a site to rank in SERP. Moreover, Google will think that high authority websites like Wikipedia will not transfer links to the spammy websites, this is the reason that nofollow link still matters for SEO.


Advantages of having No-follow Links:

  • Increases awareness.
  • Builds trust.
  • Drive audience to your website.

How Nofollow Links Can Help Your Search Rankings

As an SEO Professionals, we strive hard to build backlinks for the website. We mainly focus on do follow links to gain authority. But in future, focussing on no follow links will help to gain authority and also to improve the ranks on the SERP. Try to get backlinks from the websites like Wikipedia to boost the site rankings on SERP.

Do’s & Dont’s Of Web Design

Business websites should be designed in a way that it should make the visitors to trust the business and avail services in their first visit itself. Here let’s see some do’s and don’ts of the website design.


Keep Your Interface Consistent:

Do's - Dont's Of Web Design

One of the main things to focus on web designing is an interface. Keep the interface consistent throughout the website, make it look professional in all the pages. Make the home page professional and also user-friendly to navigate through the site.ion:


By considering both the users perspective and Search engines perspective, it is important to create a better navigation. Proper navigation inside the website will help the crawlers to effectively crawl the website. This is also an important factor when it comes to SEO.

Do's Dont's Of Web Design

Change the color of the visited links:

If the user visits a particular link, then change the color of that t particular link. This is to make sure that the user will not navigate back to the same page in the future.

Engage Users to scroll:

Take the content into serious consideration. Update the site with the quality content and help the users to engage with the website more time. This will reduce the bounce rate of the website.


Don’t make the user wait:

Make the website to load faster, especially on the mobile devices. The main reason is that the usage of mobile devices for the online searches has been increased in the recent days. Good loading time on the desktop and mobile devices will also boost the ranking on the SERP.

Don’t open internal links in the new tab:

web design dos and donts

The website may contain both the internal and external links. Make sure that the internal links of the site open in the same tab and all the external links open in the new tab.

Don’t keep more pop-ups:

Users will be irritated if they see many pop-ups on the site. Many business people will think that pop-ups with offers will make the conversions, but it’s not the thing. It will reduce the conversion rate indeed.

These are some of the professional web design tactics which will help you get more conversions.

Restaurants To Add Menu Listings Using GMB

Google My Business:

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google for Businesses to easily manage their online presence on Google, that includes both Search network and maps. By using the GMB, you can edit your business information and verify all your company details. GMB helps your customers to find you quickly and tell your business story to the customers easily.

Google has been growing rapidly and it gives an update to all its tools to help business people and users as well. Now, Google’s My Business update to help restaurants to add a menu directly in business listings itself. Not on;y add, they can even edit the menu.

Restaurants To Add Menu Listings using GMB

Earlier there is an update for restaurants to add links in the menus. Now the new update is completely different from the earlier one. Also, there exists a feature that restaurants can add or edit menu using third-party menu services or Google My Business API. Instead of going with such difficult part, Google has released this update to help restaurants to create their menu listing in the My Business page itself.

How to add this menu?

1. Click on the Google My Business Info Tab. (If you have access to it)

2. Now the editor will have multiple sections. Restaurants can add menus.

3. Along with menus, one has to fill in the details such as title, description and price details.

Restaurants To Add Menu Listings using My Business

Created menus cab be viewed only using a mobile phone. Also, this new menu editor is available for English speaking locality.

Carousel Ads in Instagram

instagram ads update

About Carousel Ads:

Carousel ads are an ad format that includes many product images or videos in the single ad unit. The users can have communication with the specific products.

Instagram Carousel ad:

It has been a year since Instagram brought ads in the stories. Here, you can create an AD using a single image in a single ad unit. Today there are more than 300 million Instagram users and more business owners also get benefited by Instagram ads.

Now the Instagram has announced a new feature in ad format called carousel ads on Instagram stories. Similar to the Instagram stories posted by any of your contacts, carousel ad format will display several pieces of media(Photos or Videos) on the Instagram stories. Users can tap, swipe or pause the content and can view all the products or services offered. Earlier, an advertiser is limited to use only one photo or video. Now an advertiser can use three type of same media(photos and videos) or a mixture of both.

This feature helps advertisers to tell their story in a detailed way. They can show all their products or services to users by using a photo slideshow. If it is a video AD, that can be shown in three different parts, which completely tells the story.

Also, Instagram says, it has to read how the users and brands are engaged with the AD unit.  Until then, the Carousel AD’s are worked for a limited group of advertisers. Advertisers have to wait until the carousel ads are widely distributed.

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