How to get better ROI on Facebook and Google Ads?

Targeted Advertisement plays a vital role in the Digital economy! Let’s see how we can get the best ROI for your business by Tweaking few basic elements on your Advertisement Campaign!

Interest Based Targets and Job Roles

Consider that you are trying to sell a Photography Backdrop. The most common mistake that people make in targeting the audience is that they select the “interest” filter as “Photography” in their advertisement campaign.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads ROI

Let’s see who has interest in Photography:

Everybody has shown interest in photography irrespective of wether they at-least have a DSLR Camera. Even School kids show interest in Photography. Business professionals show interest in Photography. In a nutshell, most of the people show interest. Hence, targeting people with the interest in “Photography” and trying to sell a Photography backdrop makes no sense.

Let’s see who are real buyers:

First analyse the product / service. In our case, its a product — “Photography Backdrop”. Let’s analyse who requires a Photography Backdrop.

  1. People Who Has a DSLR (A Much Wider Audience)
  2. People Who Take Professional Photography (Good Choice)
  3. People Who Own a Photography Studio (Laser Targeted)

Hence, the audience can be selected only be targeting the audience in specific.

How to integrate this on Facebook:

In your audience set, make sure you choose the right filters to slice the data and target properly.

How to integrate on Google:

Gain demographic information of audience who engage the most on Facebook and replicate the demographic data on Google AdWords.

Your Campaigns Will Be Rocking!

How to Automate this activity?

You require professional assistance to get this sorted. Get in touch with ClickDo for advanced Google PPC and Facebook Re-Marketing consultancy.


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