Google AdWords Mobile App Update

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AdWords App:

Managing your AdWords campaign from Smartphones is now made easy through Google’s AdWords App. Through the latest AdWords App, you can take complete control over the campaigns in real time. One of the major drawback in Old App is that the “Keywords addition” was a desktop-dependant feature.

AdWords Mobile App Update:

To make advertisers work easy & Fast, a recent update on AdWords App has the editing features. You can add, remove or edit keywords using your smartphone at any given point of time. You can manage your keyword list, get new keyword ideas and can see a keyword’s performance in real time (as seen on Desktop versions).

This is a great update, that helps advertisers to make keyword changes and capture new keyword ideas immediately, even when they are on move. Never miss this great opportunity, just install the app and get the best out of Google AdWords.

How to add Keywords using Google AdWords Mobile App?

  • Go to the Keywords section in your mobile app.
  • Click “+” Button
  • Select any campaigns and Ad Group that you want to add keywords
  • Click the Add Keyword button
  • Enter the keywords and choose the right keyword match
  • Once keywords are added, Click Save button.

Keyword ideas can also be explored in the same section. Instead of clicking the “+” button, click “Get Keyword ideas” button. Then type in the word or phrase to get your related keywords. The Keywords can be edited or removed as well in the mobile app. Tap on the keyword that you want to edit or remove, then you can edit or delete the Keywords.


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