New Features On Instagram Advertising

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Instagram to introduce a new type of story Ads in the feed. By using this you can add up to three media per story Ad. In this type, users can swipe through the Carousel or also can pause the Carousel to have a look at the content.

In this latest carousel format, stories can show multiple media formats. Previously the stories are allowed to show only one media type either a photo or video. But in this type, the carousel Ads can contain either a photo or video or combination of both.

new features on instagram marketing

This update by Instagram greatly expands the space of the Advertisers to work with creating attractive Ads. Carousel Ads can work for business people, they can tell their stories or they can add videos which are shown in three parts or a slideshow highlighting the three different product features.

Now at present, the Carousel story ads are rolled out only to a limited group of advertisers like Coco-Cola, Paramount, and Renault. Instagram has also added that they will need some time to give this as an update to all other normal users.

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Instagram has been keenly working on to improve the quality of the stories. In the recent update, Instagram has introduced text-only stories. This can be uploaded by the users without any image but just with only the text. Type mode can be accessed from the camera screen with an option under which is under the record button reading “Type.” There are many text styles are available like “Modern,” “Neon,” “Typewriter,” and “Strong.” You just need to simply add the background after styling the text, then your story is ready to be posted.

Why Instagram Advertising?

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In the recent times, the digital marketing has reached its peak because many business people have started promoting in online. Hence as a business crew, you should also try different marketing strategies like Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, etc to gain more conversions to the business. Avail these services from the best digital marketing company in London to succeed in your business.



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