How to Avoid the Risk Factors in New SEO Plan?

risk involved in seo

While optimising a website for SEO, you may face many potential risks. Optimising the website involves changing a webpage design, URL structure, sometimes you may decide to create a completely new website. This might create a scenario where you will end up completely messing up your ranks. We have explained everything in details to make sure you avoid the most common ones.

risk involved in seo

Neutral Backlinks:

Google has announced that backlinks with lower quality will be taken manual action. But, backlinks still play a major role in terms of Rankings.

Till today, most of the marketing professionals have no idea how the backlinks and the backlink profile influence a website’s rank in real time on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The neutral links doesn’t destroy your ranks nor improve them. These links help in improving the domain authority. Further, you can tweak the on-page elements to improve your ranks!

If you are taking an SEO Plan, make sure you do not disavow the neutral links. Because, you will end up loosing your domains authority. Yet, building powerful links has high influence in ranks directly.

Deleting Pages:

Think Twice! Never delete a page from your website if it’s indexed. You might loose many elements like:

  • Indexed Keywords
  • Page Authority
  • Backlinks towards that page and Much More!

You can do a 301 redirect to make sure the page redirects to the correct (or) relevant page on your website.

Full Site Changes:

Before doing any site-wide changes for your website, make sure you analyse if that particular change is mandatory. If yes, evaluate the risk involved and compare with the long term benefits. Decide on which gives you a better ROI. If you require professional help, get in touch with us.

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