The Art of Contact Forms

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Contact forms are one of the most common element in every website. It can be a hard coded site (or) it can be a customised CMS website (or) a mixture of different codes. Yet, Contact forms remain a standard element of every online business website. Even large directories, MNC Company Websites and Tech giants have a Contact Form in their site. This helps us in the website users to get in touch with the business in a professional way!

contact clickdo consulting

Have you ever wondered that some Contact forms are small and some are big?

Your answer should be a definite YES. Because, the number of fields required to communicate depends on the niche of the business. Some require tonnes of information to proceed and others require only your Name & Phone number to make a big sale! Let’s break down with some examples and even before that, you should understand some fundamentals!

Having More fields based on the Business actually makes sure only Qualitative customers enter the details. Spammers and Time wasters are kept away!

Having lesser fields denote a higher number of Entries. Yet, the number of conversions Vs the number of entries (or leads) is always a big question.

At ClickDo, we have different forms on different pages of the website. We have kept this in place to make sure we filter the right people at the right place to gain maximum conversions in 2018!

If you require professional support, get in touch with us today!

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